Off Script invites you and your friends to come heckle the crap out of some of Austin's best standup comedians.

Off Script is the only comedy show where you're not only allowed to heckle the comics, you're supposed to! Come force five of Austin's best comics out of their heads and on their toes by yelling out your thoughts on their dick/Trump/airplane food/period jokes. This show is off the rails and a heckle of a lot of fun!

May 4th - 9:30PM - The New Movement - $5 - Free beer and prizes from the mystery bag for the best hecklers of the night!



I'm hosting these bad-a's this week:

-Chris Tellez (Moontower, Oddball, Shit's Golden)
-Chris Dillard (The Nite Howl)
-Greg Lockwood (Independence Comedy)
-Mikey Swenson (tragic genius)
-Lisa Delarios (Moontower, Doug Loves Movies)

Twitter: @offscriptcomedy